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Greece is located at the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa. Situated at the southern part of the Balcans, consists a diversified terrain of mountains and extensive plains. Its climate is primarily Mediterranean, featuring mild winters and summers. This kind of clime, is also called “olive tree” climate, which is one of the main reasons that Greeks and nature have always had strong ties throughout history. The Greeks took care of the land and the land took care of the Greeks. This land is considered to be quite unique due to the fact that the Greek biotope is associated with habitats that are second to none in the ecological community. It is a fact that a lot of plant  species flourish in this biotope due to the climate which is called Greek.

Today, the extremely fertile Greek land produces healthy products of high nutrition value, most of which are protected by the European Union by POP & PGE.

The Greek food products, from the ancient times until today, are often mentioned in a large scale by famous writers. One can easily find excerpts about their benefits, mostly because of their low calories and highly valued nutrients.  We encourage you to explore our website, discover our products, and see how they can benefit you and your loved ones.

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